A downloadable Asexual game

WhitePower is not only a great piece of art to play while watching the time fly by, but also an important part of gaming history. In a decade from now we will be looking back at this moment with tears in our eyes, realizing how ahead of its time this game was. The pixel art, the movement, the level design! We really went above and beyond with this project. And I hope all of you lucky people downloading this masterpiece understand the effort and sacrifice we put into it.



Whitepower game.rar 122 MB


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I was skeptical at first, I thought this would just be some avant garde nonsense, but after playing game for more then 6 days straight I realized how incredibly artful this game really is; the artwork, the movement, the level design! Combined these things make an incredible, unforgettable gaming experience that can be played for days on end. Unfortunately, I told my wife about my new-found love of white power and now she's divorcing me, not sure why.